Households in Saskatoon

Updated September 2020


The Saskatoon Households map and database describes select characteristics of Saskatoon households and dwellings from the 2016 Census of Canada. Statistics Canada defines a household as:

"Household refers to a person or group of persons who occupy the same dwelling and do not have a usual place of residence elsewhere in Canada or abroad... the household may consist of a family group such as a census family, of two or more families sharing a dwelling, of a group of unrelated persons or of a person living aloneā€¦ Household is generally defined as being composed of a person or group of persons who co-reside in, or occupy, a dwelling..." (

Households are an important concept for understanding the community. Households are the most inclusive organisation of individuals. Households include families, spouses and their children, as well as single person households, multiple family households and those shared by unrelated individuals. Households are closely tied to housing (in the 2016 Census the number of occupied dwellings equals the number of households) and housing demand via the shared residence criteria. Households are also an excellent measure of economic activity as they are the nexus of spending decisions on housing and durable goods. Average household size can be used to estimate the number of homes required due to population growth. The data and mapping tool allows us to visualize 18 household and dwelling indicators at the neighbourhood level in Saskatoon.

Link to Households Map

The data available in the map is all derived from the 2016 Census of Canada Community Profile. The CommunityView Collaboration receives this information compiled for Saskatoon Neighbourhoods. Although many of the indicators in this database are imbedded in existing Resource Catalogue resources, this data set can be exported directly from the mapping tool. In addition, you may import data at the neighbourhood level into the Households Map to analyze along with the 18 indicators already in the map. Using the data from this requires that it be properly cited. Map exports will have the source imbedded in the image, data exports will have the source imbedded as a separate sheet in the workbook, the citation needs to include in any table or graphic produced be a user.